Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gotta use a camera

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Ok, not much to write here except I have learned I need to get used to using a camera if I plan to craft and blog. People like pictures. Luckily, I took a photography class years (and I do mean YEARS) ago. I learned enough to know I like it. Anywho, a very short blog until next time. I need to fold laundry before I tackle Minion into teaching me this downloading stuff from the camera disc.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hi there. My name is Helen Moore. I've been sewing for years on and off. I guess my parents figured I was going to take is seriously and got me my first sewing machine at the age of eight. I wore that poor thing out. When I enlisted in the Army and got stationed in Berlin, the first major purchase I made was a Pfaff. A few years later, sold that one and upgraded to another electronic Pfaff. I still have her, but I need to send her to the shop and have the tension fixed. That thing will sew through cement, almost. I currently have a Janome that my daughter got me for my birthday. So far, I'm loving it.

I am fairly new to the internet so I will be making a lot of newbie mistakes. I have railroaded my daughter into helping me out with various jobs. Her new title is "Minion". She thinks this will be easy. Little does she know.....

I guess the main reason I wanted to do a blog is 1. My daughter talked me into it and 2. after a break in sewing, I wanted to start posting things I wanted to make.

I took a few years off crafting to go back to school. (It only took me six years to get a two year degree, going part time) while working full time. Now I want to get back into sewing and I hope I'm not too rusty. I have found the wonderful world of PDF patterns and I have been buying them up left and right. I have been allowed on many wonderful Facebook sewing pages and I'm hopelessly hooked. I have more PDF's than any one person should have. I also have tons of paper patterns and my sweet hubby wonders 'why'.

Occasionally, I will talk of other things that interest me but just to introduce my family. I won't air the laundry, so to speak, but I have a cool family that I like people to know.

Minion: My eldest daughter. Her name is Cathy. Having recently left the U.S. Army, I roped her into moving with me so she can concentrate on finishing school. Newly engaged to a cute guy, she may be leaving us soon and moving to Australia sometime in the next year or so.

Cutie Cakes: This would be my youngest daughter, Savanna. She is not a fan of nicknames so as a horrible mom, I have lots for her. She is currently living in Oklahoma. She recently got out of the U.S. Navy and didn't take the bait to come live with me.

Luv Muffin (and various other nicknames that makes Minion  want to hide forever in the couch cushions): My hubby. His name is Terry. He is my Mr. Wonderful. We will have been married two years this coming July 30th. We got married in 2011. He puts up with my quirks and gets along great with my kids.
He is also and Army veteran. He's an Assistant Pastor at a church in Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga, so I have to keep the topics and language clean.