Friday, October 16, 2015

Kam Snap Give Away

This is posted to show my fellow crafters there is a nice give away for the Kam Snap Press. is giving this away !!

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Long Time No See.

Well, it has been a very long time since I have posted and I need to get a few pictures loaded so you can see. At this moment I only have a few pictures to post since I seem to be having camera issues. I made six of these cute Piet dresses from a pattern I got from Wren Feathers here on ETSY. Not sure if the pattern is on there at this time but keep checking back if not. I did use the free Molly slip pattern to make it large enough for an American Girl doll. The kids at church loved them!

My daughter has just re newed her interest in crochet, so I purchased a pattern for her to try. It doesn't have written instructions but a chart. Cathy has never done a chart pattern but I think it turned out beautifully. It was supposed to be for me but I think it has been stolen by Cathy. That's ok, cause now she is making me a pink one.

She said her tension was a bit tight so she went up to the next hook size. She plans to keep the new hook size but maybe add a row or two to the sleeves. Like this awesome set? You can purchase the pattern on ETSY here. Irene of LellaModa does the most amazing knit patterns for American Girl size dolls but this is her only crochet one. Here's to hoping she makes more!! Too cute indeed.

I plan to post more but the camera issue needs to be addressed first.

I you would like some FREE authentic American Girl doll patterns, you can go HERE . The color block dress used the Wren Feather pattern but I used the Molly slip to know how to enlarge it.

Friday, August 29, 2014

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Life is happening

I know it's been a while since my last post but things are happening that prevented quite a bit in the creativity department. The company my hubby worked for is moving operations to Chicago leaving many out of work. I found a cool part time job that works the mid night shift and I think I will like it a lot. It's only 2 nights a week but it will feed my crafting habit nicely. Terry has found anew job, but it's a bit early to see if he likes it or not. I hope he does. He needs to be happy as well. Hopefully, I will be posting pics of projects soon.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy March Everyone

Well, I've decided I like playing with doll, still, after all this time. I enjoy making outfits for a couple of girls but I have decided my dolls could use a few outfits as well. I do need to learn how to better utilize my camera since my skills are a bit lacking. Anyway I ordered a couple of pair of cute doll tights off ETSY from Purely Splendid and they are wonderful. Not a bad price of $4.00 each. Also, as you may have guessed, I am all about getting FREE patterns whenever possible. I made a few outfits from some freebies and they were an easy sew. Gotta love that, right? I'll post what I have and then get in touch with the younger daughter (AKA Cutie Cakes, Savanna) and ask her for camera tips.

First, though, here is the link to the cute tights: Purely Spelndid

I wish you could see them better. The ones on the left are a nice plum color and the ones on the right are a brown cable style. The fabric on the dresses are Japanese prints. The red one actually came from japan and I am finally getting around to using it. The yellow is a quilt fabric store find. With the purple flowers, the plum tights are a perfect match.

These dresses are the same FREE pattern from the American Girl collection. It's actually Molly's slip pattern without the ruffle at the bottom. You can find the patterns here: American Girl Doll FREE patterns

I also used Josefina's pattern "Camisa" for a top for Zhoe. I shortened it a few inches since it's supposed to be a slip and a blouse together. The skirt is just one I put together by gathering fabric to a self band and then I added suspenders. Her set goes well with the brown cable tights.

Well, I will practice my picture taking skills and see if I can improve on these photos. Until then, have a happy March month.

Shoes are from: Lovvbugg
Tights are from:  Purely Slendid
Skirt with suspenders: A Helen original
Zhoe's top pattern: Josefina's Camisa pattern
Dress pattern: Molly's slip pattern

Friday, February 14, 2014

Free Doll Hat Pattern and Dress/Top Pattern

Happy Valentines Everyone!!

Two entries in one week. Will wonders never cease?  I found some cute patterns and I wanted to try them. Since I tend to sew for two girls that have AG dolls, I decided I needed an extra model to help out. I got both my dolls on Ebay for decent prices. They match my nieces Rayne and Chloe so I figure I can name mine Jayne (the blonde) and Zhoe (the brunette). Odd spellings but I figure I can be creative in other areas besides sewing. I have been out of the sewing loop for a while so I want to get back into it a lot more. I would like my items to be good enough to sell for top dollar. I don't want to sell, but I want them to be good enough anyway.

Anyway....I found some cute patterns I wanted to share with you and a couple of them are FREE.
I made these cute hat patterns and they were fun to make. I say 'fun' but my hubby heard me grumble more than once about how they were small and a bit of a pain going around corners and such with the sewing machine. I keep forgetting to use my own advice of pin, pin, PIN !!  Let me show you these cuties...

The turned up corner was added by me but I will show it to you later how I did it. I think my own dolls need one of these to wear. If you want to try this out, it's only a 4 piece crown so it's a fairly quick sew. I did line mine and top stitched which is not mentioned in the pattern. The blog site for this pattern is

I also did a cute "Izzy" top for my Bitty Baby. It's also a freebie for kids and a very easy sew as well. I doesn't come in a doll size but you can take it and reduce it.

I used scraps I had left over from an apron I made for a friend and this turned out so cute. Here is the site for the free Izzy dress. This goes from 18 months to size 12 !! And did I mention FREE !!. It has been tested by testers who did a wonderful job. I recommend you take time to enjoy some browsing on this site, I think Teri is very generous in offering her pattern to us at no cost. Thank you Teri!! I did reduce this pattern to fit. I had intended to to fit my 18 inch doll but it fit this one much better. I reduced the size two  to 65% and I reduced the size 18 to 65% also to fit the 18 inch AG dolls. I'm getting ready to sew one of those up, so I will post later when I post the hat tutorial.

I did sew up a cute skirt as well. Not a free pattern but not an expensive one. I'll share that link in a moment as well.
A very quick and easy sew. 

Well, that's it for this entry. I have a few projects to sew up so I will come back and enter them later. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tiny Back Packs

I purchased this pattern sometime last year with the thoughts of making a few for fun gifts. It took a little longer to get to them than I had hoped but at least they are finally finished. I think they turned out quite cute. As much as they are cute, they were as much of a hassle to do. All I can say is if you plan to make these, pin, pin, pin around the curves!! I thought the instructions were well written and easy to follow. If you are interested in getting the pattern, you can find it here on etsy at this link

Here a couple of pictures. I'm afraid I didn't hold the camera steady, so some are a tad blurry.

They look nice and full because I have them stuffed with bags. There are two side pockets and one main pocket on the front. I thought about adding a few other features and inside pockets but I figured I was doing good to get the main bit done. I know two little girls at church that are going to like these :-)