Friday, February 14, 2014

Free Doll Hat Pattern and Dress/Top Pattern

Happy Valentines Everyone!!

Two entries in one week. Will wonders never cease?  I found some cute patterns and I wanted to try them. Since I tend to sew for two girls that have AG dolls, I decided I needed an extra model to help out. I got both my dolls on Ebay for decent prices. They match my nieces Rayne and Chloe so I figure I can name mine Jayne (the blonde) and Zhoe (the brunette). Odd spellings but I figure I can be creative in other areas besides sewing. I have been out of the sewing loop for a while so I want to get back into it a lot more. I would like my items to be good enough to sell for top dollar. I don't want to sell, but I want them to be good enough anyway.

Anyway....I found some cute patterns I wanted to share with you and a couple of them are FREE.
I made these cute hat patterns and they were fun to make. I say 'fun' but my hubby heard me grumble more than once about how they were small and a bit of a pain going around corners and such with the sewing machine. I keep forgetting to use my own advice of pin, pin, PIN !!  Let me show you these cuties...

The turned up corner was added by me but I will show it to you later how I did it. I think my own dolls need one of these to wear. If you want to try this out, it's only a 4 piece crown so it's a fairly quick sew. I did line mine and top stitched which is not mentioned in the pattern. The blog site for this pattern is

I also did a cute "Izzy" top for my Bitty Baby. It's also a freebie for kids and a very easy sew as well. I doesn't come in a doll size but you can take it and reduce it.

I used scraps I had left over from an apron I made for a friend and this turned out so cute. Here is the site for the free Izzy dress. This goes from 18 months to size 12 !! And did I mention FREE !!. It has been tested by testers who did a wonderful job. I recommend you take time to enjoy some browsing on this site, I think Teri is very generous in offering her pattern to us at no cost. Thank you Teri!! I did reduce this pattern to fit. I had intended to to fit my 18 inch doll but it fit this one much better. I reduced the size two  to 65% and I reduced the size 18 to 65% also to fit the 18 inch AG dolls. I'm getting ready to sew one of those up, so I will post later when I post the hat tutorial.

I did sew up a cute skirt as well. Not a free pattern but not an expensive one. I'll share that link in a moment as well.
A very quick and easy sew. 

Well, that's it for this entry. I have a few projects to sew up so I will come back and enter them later. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tiny Back Packs

I purchased this pattern sometime last year with the thoughts of making a few for fun gifts. It took a little longer to get to them than I had hoped but at least they are finally finished. I think they turned out quite cute. As much as they are cute, they were as much of a hassle to do. All I can say is if you plan to make these, pin, pin, pin around the curves!! I thought the instructions were well written and easy to follow. If you are interested in getting the pattern, you can find it here on etsy at this link

Here a couple of pictures. I'm afraid I didn't hold the camera steady, so some are a tad blurry.

They look nice and full because I have them stuffed with bags. There are two side pockets and one main pocket on the front. I thought about adding a few other features and inside pockets but I figured I was doing good to get the main bit done. I know two little girls at church that are going to like these :-)