Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Preparing Bias tape for My First Sew-a-long

First of all I want to wish my Savanna a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today. She 26 today :-D

Well I have decided to join a sew-a-long. I have attempted this in the past but things happen to keep this from happening. I have even gone as far as to have the fabrics and trims prepared before "life" happens. This week is going a bit smoother than most so we will try this again.

I am joining the sew-a-long hosted by Candy Castle Patterns.    It's a cute wrap dress and they are going to give an option of making it a swing dress. Very popular for little girls to twirl. The actual name is the "Bubblegum Dress" and it comes in a pdf file, easy to download onto your own printer.

First, I have my fabric washed and pressed and I have chosen the bias binding I will need for the two dresses.

Next, I prepared the bias binding by pre-shrinking it. I always pre-shrink my trims and interfacings. I know that may be over kill but I have had problems in the past with slight shrinkage and my fabric "curls" at the corners and angles. Here is how I do this. Please be patient as I am new to downloading pictures. Thank goodness for Minion for helping me.

First, you will need an empty gallon pitcher, a bowl of hot water (with a splash of white vinegar added) and some skewers of some kind. I used chopsticks. 
Next, and VERY important, coffee to lure Minion out of her room and away from her computer gaming.

Gently bend the cardboard that hold the trim.
Slide your finger through and prepare to remove the cardboard.
Gently remove the cardboard from the bias and set aside.
Slide the bias trim on the skewer.
Gently dip the bias trim in the hot water until completely saturated. I did add a splash of white vinegar to the water to keep the colors true since they are so vibrant. Also helps keeps the colors from bleeding later. 
Gently spread the bias out making sure not to stretch or twist. Do NOT wring or squeeze the extra water out. It will drip dry quick enough since it has a good amount of polyester in it. It's very light weight so there should be no stretching while it dries.
Set the skewer across the top of the pitcher and let dry. You can do several at once if needed but be sure to let there be enough room for air circulation. Mine sits on the counter under the heating/cooling vent. If I were in a huge hurry, I'm sure I could talk Minion into holding a blow dryer over it on low setting but I'm not going to push my luck today ^_^
So far, this is as far as I have gotten. I need to trace the top part of the dress on freezer paper in the two sizes I need for this project. I will keep you posted as I go. 

Whew! This was exhausting! Time to have Minion to get me a Diet Coke! :-) 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Enter a Give-away

Well, today marks the middle of July. Too fast this year is moving! Quite a few changes so far. I should have kept a better update log on all the goings around here. Getting the house a face lift. I am quite excited about that. New Garage door, new siding and going to paint the porch. As far as my sewing has gone, I have been quite negligent. Poor hubby cracked a vertebrae in his upper back when trying to get some boards off the old deck to prepare for the new one.  He is feeling better but he's still a bit stiff and sore. Anyway, with all the goings on around here, my sewing has taken a back seat. This is going to change though since I have a few deadlines to finish. I have baby showers to mail too (since I live too far away) and a few doll outfits to make. I will find a way to post pictures. On a good note, I have been joining a few sewing sites on facebook and have been taking to entering a few of the contests. I have actually won TWO in the past couple of months. So, having written that, there is another one going on from one of my favorite pattern makers. I thought I would share. It's sponsored by Whimsy Couture Sewing and they have some of the cutest patterns for children! Go check them out and you will see what I mean.
I have entered so my bit is done ^_^   and now I am off to iron fabric today. I will be cutting tomorrow, and sewing on Wednesday. Have a good one!